Leaders Fund

Seed Fund for Ukraine’s Social Sector

Leaders Fund offers Ukrainians around the world a unique opportunity to get involved with the inspiring young leaders who are working to transform Ukraine. Sponsor a leader for just $100/month, share your professional expertise as a mentor, and get a front-row seat to Ukraine’s most promising social projects.


Most donors in Ukraine cover only direct project costs, leaving social activists struggling financially. The leaders of promising social projects are often forced to hold day jobs, leaving just a few weekend/evening hours for their nonprofit work. This leads to minimal progress, encourages limited Band-Aid solutions, and leaves underlying social problems unsolved.


Leaders Fund helps the leaders of high-potential Ukrainian nonprofits substantially accelerate their work by offering them yearlong stipends and strategic advice. Our support turns side projects into sustainable organizations, exponentially increasing their impact.


Each year, our team selects a cohort of leaders through a detailed application and interview process. We look for smart people with strong ideas and the ability to execute on those ideas. Most importantly, we consider the projects’ potential impact on Ukrainian society, prioritizing scalable programs with proven results. We support leaders working in areas such as education, support of underserved populations, development of rural areas, healthcare, and the environment.

Selected leaders develop 12-month growth plans with clear goals and milestones. Leaders begin receiving a monthly financial support of $500 ($100 each from 5 sponsors). Each month, leaders share their progress and report on milestones they’ve reached. The Leaders Fund team carefully monitors these results – stipends are contingent on continued progress.

Sponsors connect with leaders through monthly email updates and several live calls per year. At any time throughout the year, sponsors also have the option to use their professional expertise to support their leaders, providing guidance in areas such as strategy, communications, budgeting, IT, program design, and more. Mentoring is always optional – leaders share their needs in real time, and sponsors choose whether they would like to get involved.


Have you ever donated to a charity and wondered whether your money made a real difference?
With Leaders Fund, you know exactly where your money goes. Every month, you’ll receive updates from the leader you support to see the impact your donations are having.

Do you want to move beyond just writing checks and become more involved with Ukraine’s most promising social initiatives?
Leaders Fund allows donors to use their professional expertise to support emerging leaders in Ukraine’s social sector. Connect directly with these talented young men and women to share your skills, learn about their programs, and form lasting relationships.

Are you ready to shift from supporting solutions to in tackling the root causes of social challenges?
Our program invests in organizations that deeply engage with complex social issues. We encourage Ukraine’s social sector to move away from ineffective charity (e.g., bringing toys and candy to an orphanage) to high-impact social change (e.g., shutting down orphanages and developing an effective foster care system).

Joining the Leaders Fund is the ideal way to connect with and support Ukraine’s most exciting social change efforts.

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