Future Development Agencyтм
is project office of social changes, created in 2015 to develop social innovations using new methods and tools in the social sector.

We create social projects and support NGOs, governmental organizations, civic tech startups, social enterprises as a back office that develops solutions with social impact.

Main activities

New Projects

Leader Fund. Seed Fund for Ukraine’s Social Sector

A new program for supporting a development of new Leaders from Ukrainian non-governmental organizations and high-potential activists. The Foundation provides scholarships up to $ 450 per month and mentoring support. The Leader Fund is filled by donations from the social investors.

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Social Enterprise – Museum in the darkness “03:00”

“Three after midnight” – the first museum in Ukraine, where you will be in the total darkness and guided by the blind person during the whole excursion.
A crowdfunding campaign has been launched by FDA on the biggggidea.com to open a new museum in Lviv.

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Social Enterprise – Bookivnychka

The bookstore that accepts books which was already read and sells new books on a “1+1” principle: one book goes to a buyer, the other one to children in crisis.
FDA got funding from biggggidea.com and the International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) to launch online store in 2020.

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Social EnterpriseBa&Di Freelance

The first employment service for older people in Ukraine. Grandparents freelancers are helping to young parents with everyday affairs and childcare.
FDA got funding to launch the web-platform (marketplace) in 2020.

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Social EnterpriseGood Bread from Good People

An inclusive bakery where work people with mental disabilities – autism, іntellectual disability and DNS. The project started in 2018.
FDA creates a development strategy and providing social bussines consulting.

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ReThink Future.